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Products - Sensational Shags

These new Sensational Shag Carpets are constructed of 100% DuPont continuous filament nylon. Their 1 ¾" pile height gives them their luxurious depth.

This product is enhanced with Stain-Blocker and Flourogard Stain treatments for stain and soil resistance with static control for easy care and exceptional durability.

Care and Cleaning:

  1. Rotate rug periodically for even wear.
  2. Vacuum on a regular basis with the beter bar set on the highest position or use suction attachments. Shop-VAC systems can also be used.
  3. Clean with foam or dry carpet cleaners.
  4. Steam cleaning or saturating with water is NOT recommended.
  5. Loose threads or yarns should be cut with scissors, not pulled.

6201 Peony

6212 Faded Bricks

6214 Caribbean Teal

6205 Ming

6209 Pear Blossom

6206 Porcelain

6211 Gold

6213 Chocolate

6207 Rice Paper

6210 Wintersweet

6203 White Orchid

6204 Lotus

  6202 Silk

6208 Ebony


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